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Lombok Architect & Associates provides one stop consulting for all your building needs in Lombok. The main objective of this website is to help those who are in search of a reliable partner in Lombok who can provide information about building private villa, holiday home or a hotel requirements.


Our service is not limited to providing Architectural Design and Drawings only, but also we provide Information of  Land for Sale, Project Documents and Permits Preparation, Soil Investigation, Deep Well Drilling, Construction, Furnishing & Interior Decoration, Landscaping & Exterior etc.


  • Architectural Designs


Designing a villa or hotel sometimes starts with simple rough sketch or imagination and ideas and sometimes starts with an intensive discussion with professional and experienced architect. So if you already have some rough sketches or ideas, we will be glad to discuss it carefully and then draw the preliminary designs for you. Or simply let us propose you our ideas with respect to your basic concept and taste. We truly understand that you need a personalized home away from home where you can pamper yourself at all times.


We also realize that beside its functional aspect, a home must reflect the owner’s life style and taste and should be nature friendly, possibly involving local culture, values and traditions.  At Lombok Architect & Design Associates all of these aspects are carefully blended. So just entrust your building design in Lombok to us for  better overall values.


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  • Property for Sale

Dreaming about buying a property in Lombok with fast and simple arrangements at reasonable cost? Just let us know what you have in mind and let us provide you complete and reliable information on property for sale in Lombok such as land, villa, hotel, holiday home, either at a beach or on a hilltop, rice field, river side etc.


What we do is listing or locating property for you and what we earn is a little commission from the seller. So if you are interested in a villa, hotel, or land in Lombok listed here, or if you want us to locate land in certain area in Lombok and Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno etc, please feel free to talk to us. And if you want to start negotiating the price and all agreements with the owner, we will arrange a meeting with him for negotiation so the price and other agreements are all yours.     read more …


  • Permits & Document Handling


As in other places on the planet, various kinds of permits are required to build a villa in Lombok such as Land Use Permits, Building Permits, and Environmental Documents etc. They are very important and must be prepared carefully to avoid obstacles in the development process.


Realizing that permits and project documents issued by the government are essential and should be prepared beforehand, we dedicate one of our units to help our clients to obtain such requirements. Our long time good relationship with government people makes the process easier and faster. If for some reason you require a meeting meeting with the government or policy maker, we shall be glad to arrange it for you.   read more …


  • Soil Investigation Drilling


We understand that building a house, villa or hotel is not merely a matter of art and comfort, but is also a matter of safety. So soil investigation is crucial  before construction work is done to know the stability of the ground. Therefore, a Geotechnical Engineer is  part of our professional team.


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  • Deep Well Drilling

Water is absolutely vital to everyone’s life. To make sure your water supply is safe all the year long for your bath room, gardening and swimming pool, you need a deep well being drilled around the property. For that reason, we also provide deep well drilling service and Geo electric survey to detect potential water .



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  • Construction

Our building contractor has wide range of experience in building hotel,villa and major office buildings in Lombok, Bali Jakarta and in other cities in Indonesia. We understand that Quality and safety is your main concern and aesthetic is part of your satisfaction. So let us blend the two carefully for your highest satisfaction.


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  • Interior Design

As a one stop consultant in Lombok, Lombok Architect & Design Associates provides services for interior designs that always meet your high standard in respect to the integration with the architectural design concepts and the surrounding nature.


Our interior designer will certainly translate the general interior guidelines provided by the architect to the most accurate design and will build communication and coordination with the architect.     read more …



  • Landscape Design

Lombok is blessed with various kinds of exotic plants and flowers. We know how to take care of them to make your garden merge with the surrounding nature in the most natural way. Our landscape designers combine trees, flowers and stones and other natural ornaments to meet your high standard of aesthetic satisfaction.


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