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    Designing a villa or hotel sometimes starts with simple rough sketch or imagination and ideas and sometimes starts with an intensive discussion with professional and experienced architect. So if you already have some rough sketches or ideas, we will be glad to discuss it carefully and then draw the preliminary designs for you. Or simply let us propose you our ideas with respect to your basic concept and taste. We truly understand that you need a personalized home away from home where you can pamper yourself at all times.

    We also realize that beside its functional aspect, a home must reflect the owner’s life style and taste and should be nature friendly, possibly involving local culture, values and traditions.  At Lombok Architect & Design Associates all of these aspects are carefully blended. So just entrust your building design in Lombok to us for  better overall values.

    Our comprehensive scope of architectural work covers the following services:

    • Architectural Design
    • Coordinating with Structural Engineering
    • Coordinating with MEP Consultant
    • Interior General Guidelines
    • Coordinating with Landscape Designer

    However, please note that the scope of work proposed here may vary from one project to another depending on the demands of each project/project owner.

    • Architectural Design

    Our Architect Consultant will work through some standard phases and procedures. Our Architect will prepare all designs, after being planned and approved by the owner, based on the following phases:

    First Phase; Schematic and Design Development

    Schematic and Design development will translate the design concepts in the final schematic design to more detailed technical drawings and descriptions. In this phase, the Architect will submit drawings of floor plan, elevation, section, material schedule, and lighting position in CAD or PDF.

    Second Phase; Construction Documents

    Construction drawing or working drawings are the physical manifestation of the conceptual design in the developed design. The documents produced from this phase are Floor Plan, 4 (four) angle view and section (minimum 6 section-drawings) and all the whole detailed drawings. Drawings formatted in A3 paper (scale 1:200, 1:100, 1:50, 1:25, 1:10 and 1:5).These drawing are the ones integrated to the structural drawings prepared by the Structural Consultant and coordinated with the M/E drawings prepared by M/E Consultant.The Contractor may use the drawings produced to make more detailed shop drawings and the owner may also use them as the reference drawings.

    Third Phase;  Architectural Supervision

    To obtain a maximum quality of the design at this phase, the Architect will supervise and ensure the construction on site must be accurate as on the architectural design drawing. The architect will conduct supervision at least once in a month or based on the request of the owner. The architect will make a written report of architectural supervision to the owner. However, the Architect will neither supervise nor liable for any quality of the construction work.

    • Structural

    The Architect will coordinate with the Structural Consultant doing the structural drawing and computation work in order to prevent deviation from the architectural design made by the Architect.

    • Mechanical & Electric (M/E) Planning

    The Architect will coordinate with the mechanical/Electrical (M/E) Consultant doing the mechanical/Electrical (M/E) drawing and computation work in order to prevent deviations from the Architectural design made by the Architect. The scope of mechanical/electrical (M/E) work consists in all the building`s mechanical and electrical systems. The drawing work of the consumption and wastewater main system, electrical and telephone and internet connection and AC system up to the lot`s limit ready for connection with the environment`s M/E requirements to be specifically designed by the professional M/E Consultant.

    • Interior

    The Architect will provide the guidelines for the detailed interior design so that it matches with the architectural designs.

    • Landscape

    The Architect will coordinate with the professional Landscape Consultant to align the landscape arrangement with the architectural design prepared by the Architect. The Architect will provide of the principal landscape arrangements as the bases for landscape design work. The detailed landscape design will be prepared by the professional Landscape Consultant.