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Lombok Notary


If you are planning to buy or sell property  in Lombok or make a local company or Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) / Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA) in Lombok or Indonesia, you have clicked the right page.


In case of buying, we will give you guidance on how to safely buy property in Lombok/Indonesia. We prepare and check all necessary documents, including checking the authenticity of land certificate to The Land Board and other necessary checks. So we must make sure that the property is legally able to be transferred to your behalf. And in case of making a company, we do it in the cheapest and the fastest way because we have very good relationship with The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and related government agencies.


Our Services


Preparation, registration  and legalization of the following:

  • Company Establishment (Foreign Investment Company/PMA and Domestic Company)
  • Tax Payer’s Number (NPWP)
  • Business License (SIUP)
  • Company Registration Number(TDP)
  • Noise License (HO) & Business Location License (SITU)
  • Permanent Business License (IUT)
  • Annual General Meeting of Share Holders
  • Extraordinary General Meeting of Share Holders
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement of Company or Land/Property
  • Mortgage
  • etc


Lombok Notary Profile


Ahsan Ramali, SH studied law at Gadjah Mada University Jogjakarta. He also went to special course on Indonesian Land & Property Law and Notarial at the same university. He has been Public Notary in Mataram since 2002 and has been handling many important clients in Mataram and Senggigi or Lombok in general such as national banks domiciled in Mataram, private companies, hotels, travel agencies, local governments, Foreign Investment Companies etc.


Ahsan often visits Jakarta for meeting with clients or officers at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. This is part of his efforts to give the fastest and the best services to his valuable clients.